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Dental Services

We provide excellent dental care through a “one on one” approach that examines the individual’s needs and overall treatment plan.   Just as no two patients are the same, neither are their smile’s or oral health care needs. Our approach to dentistry is to empower our patients with knowledge to let them make the absolute best choice to achieve optimal health and esthetics, and to offer a compassionate, caring and professional environment in which to do so.

Mountain View Dental Care has the experience and resources to treat virtually any dental need you may have. As those needs change over the years, we will be with you each step of the way, explaining your options and providing first-rate care.

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Invisalign Braces

When it comes to “invisible” braces, Invisalign braces are the gold standard. Unlike traditional dental braces, which use brackets and wires to straighten teeth, Invisalign braces use a custom-made series of clear plastic aligners that are completely removable. The comfort and convenience of Invisalign braces are unbeatable. You can eat whatever you want; you can remove Invisalign braces whenever you need to; and you can brush and floss more effectively. Invisalign braces are effective for patients who have problems with crowding, spacing, crossbites, overbites and underbites.